COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 / Novel Coronavirus

COVID-19 Long Haulers
Long haulers syndrome is defined as “an autoimmune response due to inactive particles of the dead virus, that make you feel symptoms in waves, or due to stress, and anxiety that triggers your immune system.”

COVID-19: Immunity, Antibodies, and Memory T Cells
Until more is known, recovered COVID patients should take great care and avoid exposure to all bacteria and viruses, including COVID.

COVID-19 and Negative Feedback Loops
The more often your body suffers damage, than the more severe each additional exposure will become.

Difficulty of Testing for COVID Infection and COVID Exposure

COVID-19 and Air Pollution
Large portions of world are susceptible to particulate and ozone pollution causing pre-existing respiratory and immune system problems.

COVID-19 Testimonial
There may not be a complete recovery from COVID.

The Real Mortality Rate of COVID-19
The formula for calculating a mortality rate.

The Economic Costs of COVID Re-openings
What is the cost of a lifelong disability?

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