Bluegrass (The Grass Is Bluer)

Bluegrass (The Grass Is Bluer) (MP3)

Cm / Ab / Eb


Bluegrass (The Grass Is Bluer)

They always say,
The grass is greener,
On the other side,
So, I cried,
Not over this way,
The grass is bluer,
Behind their fence,
No offense,
But, on this side,
The grass is greeeen,
And, the sky is clear,
Gotta love it here,
Know what I mean?

Not much I do,
Makes me blue,
How about you?

Yeah, the grass,
Is always bluer,
On the other side,
So, why don't you come pass,
Or, maybe find a way,
To stay,
And, we'll let the bluegrass song play,
Oh yeah! Dance while we have the chance,
All day!

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