Spacious Countryside

Spacious Countryside (MP3)

F#m / C#4 / F#


Spacious Countryside

Does your country have a side?
Or, are you in a place,
With plenty of space?
How vast... how wide?

Oh, let me ride, ride, ride,
Over the spacious countryside,
Giddy up,
heehee... yup.


Get on your astral horse,
And, ride, ride, ride,
Over the spacious countryside,
Set a straight and steady course,
Over the spacious countryside,
Headin' through the stars,
Passing by Mars,
Not much further,
'till we pass by Jupiter,
So, get off Uranus,
And, join us!

Ahhh... soooo... spacious,
You'll be glad ya tried,
Riding over the spacious countryside,
Join the sojourn?
Forget your pride,
Try togetherness,
In spaciousness,
Ahhh... the spacious countryside.

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