(I'm So Excited) Do What We Can

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I'm So Excited (Do What We Can) (MP3)


I'm so excited,
For what you are,
For what you've become.
I'm so elated,
You've come so far,
Look what you've done!

What did can't ever do,
Absolutely nothing,
For me... or for you.

So, forget the won't, Let's do what we can,
Forget about can't,
Can I hear ya say... amen?

Let's do what we can!

A human I am,
Wanna be proud of our place,
Let's do what we can!
The body that I am,
Is part of the human race,
... do what we can!

What we can.
Forget about won't,
What we can,
Not what we can't.

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