Fallacies Of Relevance
(aka The Relevancy of the Fallacy & Tongue Tied)

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Guess I'm tongue tied,
Can't think of what I'm trying to say,
Guess I'm tongue tied,
Something seems to be getting in the way.

Guess I'm tongue tied,
If I could think of it, I would.
Guess I'm tongue tied,
Ain't even in the right neighborhood.

But, when you spout about:
Petitio Principii (begging the question)

Then, spew from you:
Argumentum ad Ignorantiam
(rant, rant, rant I AM)

Should I cause pause... the reply to I:
Argumentum ad Hominem (attack on this man)

Followed swiftly by the strong-arm wrong --
Argumentum ad Baculum (using brute force)

The relevancy of the fallacy,
Please change your policy,

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