Silver To Gold

There are times I will set off with the intention of photographing a particular subject. What sometimes has happened while setting up my camera is that I may turn 180 degrees and be a witness to something spectacular. Had I not been there with my original intent, I never would have seen. As a working carpenter with my photographic background in tow, I'll set out on a mission. As I move through that job site, I encounter scenes that I find spectacular, as well. This is my world. The environment I work in is truly unique... organized chaos so to speak. What I present in these photographs is a slice of my world as a working carpenter.

Changing Silver Into Gold

These photographs are one-of-a-kind works on paper printed and toned using my own exhaustive process. They are all 8x10, as I am some what limited in the space necessary for the toning process. I do dream from time to time of a warehouse where I would make giant prints; however, in a decade where giant became the norm, these hand made silver gelatin prints can have a quality of quiet intimacy. Purchase price---$380. Toned 8x10 photograph Archival. Signed on back placed into a 14x18 8ply mat. If you have interest in a particular image, please feel free to contact me. Edmund simmons -- 267 973 6210 -- Los Angeles, CA

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The Alchemystic Photography of Ed Simmons

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  1. Hey Ed

    This is a very impressive site……I am proud of you!!

    Comment by Lynn — June 5, 2009 @ 5:30 am |Edit This

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