To establish a cost-effective, revenue-producing Internet Division, it is critical to retain a multi-faceted individual who understands your needs and the multi-media industry. Our years of experience with the Internet will save you from having to re-invent the wheel. Our hands-on education has afforded the opportunity to learn from the leaders in the multi-media industry.

In this ever-changing sector, we have made it a priority to stay abreast of the latest technology and discern which is genuine and which is hype.

The Internet is a strange and wonderful space. The road to Web success is strewn with inherent risks and invisible potholes. The rewards, both financial and otherwise, can be lucrative. It can also bewilder, frustrate and ultimately discourage the uninitiated. The question is, "How will you be initiated into the on-line world?

It is our goal to make recommendations that serve your best interest, protect your franchise and grow your business. Together, we will work to determine what your goals and objectives are and how to satisfy them. Next, we will analyze your available resources, the value of those resources and determine a needs analysis to meet your required goals. Before the plan can begin, a simple, yet vital, 3-Step Procedure must be initiated:

  1. A Needs Analysis Report
  2. Project Scope/Timeline Expectation Summary
  3. Consulting Schedule


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