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Q:  How do we advertise our business?  How do we market our website, raise our search result rankings, increase hits and traffic?

A:  Attempt to fulfill customers' needs without violating human rights.

This is accomplished by maximizing accessibility without sacrificing security nor privacy. 

Privacy Policy

  • The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) helps protect consumers.
  • Businesses must comply with safeguards, rules and acts.
  • A business has to pay special attention to their privacy policy.


Any company conducting business on the world wide web should consider other publishing rules, regulations, acts and laws.  A particular area of specialty involves making a website publicly accessible. Accessibility for People with Disabilities in the Information Age falls under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.   Other state laws or international laws may also effect a business.  For instance, companies doing business in PA must consider the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act of 1955.  If a business has contact with consumers in the UK or Europe, they need to be concerned with UK and European Web Site Access Laws and Guidelines.

Once a website is accessible to "everyone, everywhere," a program to maximize traffic and results can be implemented.

Help Desk

Would you like assistance in publishing and marketing your business over the Internet?  If so, please contact us.


"Keep doing the same thing you're doing,
and you'll end up in the same place you are"

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