We All Fall Down!
Modern adaptation of Ring Around The Rosy performed by
Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers

featured in the Internet motion picture

Ring around the rosy,
A pocket full of posies,
Ashes... ashes,
We all fall down.
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There are many theories as to the origin of this ancient children's tune. Until recently it was believed to have evolved from the period of "THE PLAGUE". Now, it is believed to be even older. But, no matter when it was first sung, the meaning holds true today. And, perhaps the message even more relevant - though we all shall perish, we can influence the means to our end.

Let's Shoot Ourselves

The least we can do,
Is to try not n' be,
Another tragedy.

About The Audio & Video

The artists performed the music on-the-fly. This haunting version was recorded without a review or rehearsal... in a make-shift recording studio located in the attic of Colonial era, haunted house. The musicians relied solely (or should I say soul-ly) on the spirits of lives gone by. The music was then used for the foundation of a multimedia project. Again, the artists created the piece spontaneously. First, government and public domain "images of atrocity" were gathered and combined... look what we can do. To contrast our ugly side, to offer hope, and to show what "good" we can experience, the voice and dance of a life-loving 2-year-old was superimposed. Can she reach through the shadows? Can you see the light? Is she saying to you, "Don't give up. Get up!" ...?

C. Moore: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Wally: Electric Guitar
Bob: Bass

multimedia production team:
Sidd, C. Moore, Capn', Bob

Thanx to da Souls in da Soup:

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All music is written and recorded spontaneously.
The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment Publishing Company
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