I Need More Time!

Out Of Time

Sometimes time is out of time Sometimes time steps out of time Sometimes time is out of time Sometimes you find… out of time My favorite thing with time — It will rhyme with rhyme Time rhyme Time and time again In time, time runs out of time In the end…. — The End

The Sands Of Time

The grains in the hourglass drain The sands of time are fine Against course reality Try not to miss the kiss of life’s lips Spreading the seed to let love breed On our ride to the otherside Givin’ more than we take in Directing our energy Creating our destiny Chorus Heaven’s gate will have....

Day By Day

Day by day Days go away Minute by minute Just won’t quit Year by year They disappear Second by second We can’t rewind So as long as the memory knows Let those memories grow And as long as our time flows Living in the present innuendo Avoid the crazies Pushin’ up daisies Entice an....

Race Against Time

When you check your rearview mirror Does it get any clearer The past is coming up fast Approaching Encroaching On living And, in fact, when you’re looking back Is your light shinning pitch black Now, I’m…. In a race against time The inevitability Of mortality The past is coming up fast How long will....

Hands Of Time

Passing through the time Headed down stream to the future Floating on the dream, I’m…. And then further…. Part of the clockworks of the machine This cog is turning the hands Giving aura to the scene Of the hourglass’ sands The tick-tock of the clock Watching nature mature The talk talk turns to squawk

Turn Of The Season

Float to the top Pray the bottom doesn’t drop Rise to the top Thee who tries Reaps the crop It’s the turn of the season Return to yearn for reason Must sow to reap All the while time will creep When in too deep....  

Additional Time

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