What will we will?
Will we will nothing?
Ahh... but, to will nothing
Is to will something still

Say you will
Say you will
Then, will it

To your credit
Will it
Needn't say it
Feel a bit
Will it

Be it to will
Will it to be
Purely for thrill
Will ecstasy

It will be
We create
Negate *Me*
Will it to be
*Me* leave

Will it to be
No tragedy
Life is ecstasy

I really had been puzzled as to why this was being called a poor translation, as it seemed clear enough to me, but looking at the objections again, I think the assessment of it as an error derives from being over-constrained with the use of the English word "will" — using it only in the sense of "I will do it" — rather in the sense which here applies, which indicates the presence of "will" in relation to desires and determination as in the statement "I will it to be so." ~ Kalki 17:46, 16 December 2007 (UTC) [In a reply about: "Große Drache" bit from Also Sprach Zarathustra. "ich will" means "I want", not "I will"]

"WiLL iT TO BE, so, iT WiLL BE, and, SO iT iS " (13) ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

I will it to be so - English
Ich will es so - German
Voy a ser tan - Spanish
Je vais qu'il en soit ainsi - French
?????? - Chinese
? ????, ??? ??? ??? - Russian

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