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Data Center Basics:

Design Considerations


What is dark fiber?


Google and Microsoft have nothing on - drum roll - the SuperNAP, The Register (2008)

Google spotlights data center inner workings, CNET.COM blogs (2008)

Data Centers Nearing Power Usage, Cost Crisis - Effects on the Enterprise Market, EWEEK (2008)

Con Edison Proposes New Energy Efficiency Programs for a Cleaner, Greener New York, MarketWire (2008)

Data Centers are Adopting Green Initiatives but are Wary of Vendors' Marketing Messages, Says New ARI Survey, U.S. Newswire (2008)

In Response To "Data Centers are Adopting Green Initiatives...", Dr. Sidd Mukherjee (2008)

New York 'Donut' Boosts NJ Data Centers, Data Center Knowledge (2008)

Ageing data centers limiting benefits of new technologies, (2007)

Fire Suppression Tools Face Green Scrutiny, Data Center Knowledge (2007)

DC Power Sparks Interest, (2005)

Energy efficiency in the data center, (2005)

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