Frequently Asked Questions At the Membrane Domain

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Q: What is "it" that your company likes to do? And, what can you do well?

A: "It" is the beauty of an integrated marketing plan that comes to fruition -- connecting viewers to advertisers. Then, we like to help facilitate the completion of a sale, as well as, aide in the distribution of products and services. In a nutshell, we like business & economics :)

Upon a completed transaction, it is important to us that all parties are satisfied. Our approach appears to be paying-off. Since our inception in 1994, we have maintained a host (pun intended) of satisfied customers. During this time, we have never raised a customer's price. Our continued commitment to Internet R&D and customer satisfaction has earned us the title of the oldest (non-pornographic) commercial webserver in existence. (Included in our list of firsts are the original e-commerce website and the first B2B website.)

Q: What is an integrated marketing package?

A: Although it may be tough to put your finger on an exact definition, at it includes (but, is not limited to) the following:

  1. A presence on the world wide web (integrated with any of your traditional forms of advertising, such as, print, radio, TV, etc.):
    We enjoy working with webpages, websites, domain names, typical web links, atypical web links, audio, video, etc.

  2. Benefits of our audience participation (over 240 million viewers served/month):
    The years of interaction between our team and our audience gives us a wide range of unique tools... as well as, a loyal audience.

  3. Benefits of our experience (over $1 billion served):
    Experience gained from the interaction with our audience allows us to transparently apply our knowledge to your situation.

  4. Multimedia:
    The most fun that we get to have is creating movies, commercials, sounds, and other forms of media. The resulting interactive multimedia is meant to create, stimulate and activate audience participation with your website.

  5. Access to the Think Tank:
    The world wide web's original Think Tank is comprised of experts in a wide variety of fields. The marketing team consults with them on every integrated marketing package.

  6. Supplemental indirect campaign:
    The Membrane Domain is a macrocosm in which commercial endeavors are free to support the arts and sciences. The mutually beneficial relationships often bring pleasant surprises to our customers.

  7. Cross pollination (hyper gigabytes stored and served):
    The massive size of the Membrane Domain allows your project to cross pollinate and draw traffic from hundreds of domains. When some people see our homepage, they think we are a directory (like Yahoo.) Well, we sort-of are a directory. However, unlike Yahoo, our directory links to our own content. Your website will be included.

  8. Numbers:
    Hits, frequency, duration, bits, bytes, click throughs, standard deviation, skewness, sample size, exponential traffic growth, and so forth -- lots of numbers. We can interpret them for you, but more importantly, we can use them to help you.

  9. Human touch:
    Real people will actually try to help you succeed! We found out early-on that you can not automate success. Feel free to call on us.

  10. Doing it for the right reasons:
    First, and foremost, an integrated marketing package includes doing it for all the right reasons. Come to think of it, that's our motto: we try to do "it" for all the right reasons.

BONUS: We give free webhosting and internet access with any integrated marketing package.

Q: How large is the Membrane Domain?

A: Our network currently consists of over 3,000 websites, over 200 domains, and the largest privately owned library of original internet content.

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