The Time Value of Money

A Penny saved ....

The "Urgency Index": The Present Value You Place On Your Future

The Urgency Index rates the priority you place on money as a building block for your future in an era of unpredictability. This is not the kind of urgency you experience while waiting for a traffic light to turn from red to green. Its the urgency you naturally feel when faced with quandries about your future. If you can find $20 to $25 a week to set aside, you'd have $1,000 at the end of a year. You can stuff this in your mattress. Or a 3% to 4% savings account, giving you about $1,300 at the end of 7 years. Unfortunately, this isn't likely to keep pace with increases in prices or costs of living.

But there are many other ways to invest your little nest egg to make it grow much faster and smarter, turning that $1,000 into $2,000 in the same time.

As long as you invest in a diversified portfolio, your investment will be worth more tomorrow than it is today. In fact, history shows that your money will double about every seven years in a modest portfolio -- a penny saved is a penny earned ... and given enough time the pennies will turn into millions.

Get impatient about your future. Take a free tour of the information and other resources here to intentionally create your future right here, right now. The timing will never be better.

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