Current Events
from FREEdanCE... Over My Dead Body

This song was inspired by the conversation, Swimming In The River Of Life

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There ya are,
Standing on the bank,
Watching the water go by.

Yet, how far,
Before you sank,
If you should give 'er try?

Would you know,
To go with the flow?
Or, would you struggle,
Until you bubble?

Will you dive in,
Can you even swim?
Will you fight the force,
Or, let 'er guide your course?

The current,
Won't relent,
Better lent,
To fulfillment.

There ya are,
At the water's edge,
Watching it all pass by.

How bizarre,
Do you have the courage,
To give 'er a try?

Dive in and swim,
With the current,
At that moment --

Ya, know...
Go with The Flow.

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