Dance Your Life Away
from FREEdanCE... Over My Dead Body

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If death is the price you pay,
Why not dance your life away?
Dance, dance, dance,
Dance all night and dance all day.

I don't have ta show an ego,
And, prance, prance, prance,
But, instead... did you know,
You can let your troubles go.

Dance, dance, dance,
Dance all night and all day,
What do you say,
We try it that way?

Dance all night?
We might,
Dance all day,
Come on wadda ya say?

As long as we can keep death at bay,
What do you say?
Might as well pass time this way.

It's so easy... you do it this way:
Sway, sway, sway,
And, dance your life away...
It's amazing how many other dancers,
You might meet along the way.

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