Pondering Born Free

Notes From The Freedom Test

We wrote back to a winner of the Freedom Test, Charles M. Barnard:

Dear Charles,
It must feel great to be free!
You scored 100% (and are one of only several people to have done so over the last 20 years.)
Feel FREE to take the rest of the day off!

Help Desk

PS Please submit your thoughts for publication.

Charles wrote back:

What is this "day off" you mention? Work is infinite and expands to fill all time....

Actually, freedom is a kind of burden--it comes with the necessity to think for yourself. This is why it is so easy to recruit people into organizations which think for them.

Someone once asked me what all the idiots were good for--why do we still have sheep in our gene pool.

The answer is that being easily manipulated, sheep can be used by non-sheep to implement plans.

I'd be happy to write some stuff for you--or let you freely mine my existing pieces so long as I get credited.

Is there anything in particular you are looking for?


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