The Membrane Domain Glistening Web

Glistening Web Communications Corporation develops and offers easy-to-deploy, end-to-end e-commerce and enterprise solutions for companies operating in the Net Economy. We can help you with all or part of your website design, architecture, hosting, marketing, traffic analysis, connectivity, network security, and internet strategy.

GWCC also offers marketing opportunities through integrated placements and sponsorships, including banner ads, buttons, text links, special promotions and publicity.

Our services include:

Website Design, Maintenance, and Management
A Website is your "Front Door" along the Information Superhighway. From it, customers can gather information , purchase goods, and interact with your sales staff, helping to increase your bottom line. Our design process is flexible and fluid and we will work with you to present your business in a professional manner.

CGI Forms
Information forms will allow you to garner qualified leads, accept purchase orders and credit cards, build mailing lists, and monitor your site’s effectiveness.

Internet Marketing
The marketing of your website is the cornerstone of your internet strategy!
Our webmasters and marketeers will help you tap into our existing local, regional, national, and international traffic. Our diligence and expertise has helped establish audiences for customers with content in: Real Estate, Business Services, Publishing, Health and Wellness, Consumer, Retail, and Wholesale Goods, Automotive, Arts & Entertainment, and Music.

Some of our active domains include:

Banner Bar Advertisements
Banner Bars Advertisements are a proven way to increase traffic to your website. We can place them locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally, allowing people to "clickthrough" to your homepage or anywhere else in your website. With the help of sophisticated software packages, banner advertisement campaigns are placed, tracked and analyzed by our webmasters. This allows you to see the who, when and where of your traffic. This information can be invaluable for targeting and hitting your audience.

Searchable Database Websites
Are you considering making your current electronic inventory and other systems internet capable?
Does your company have an ever evolving inventory?
Do you want to create catalogs, but can't afford to print them on an ongoing basis?
Do you want customers to be able to search for the features and products they want in your virtual storefront?
Do you want an easy-to-use interface to update new product information?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then you may want to weigh the benefits of having a searchable database as part of your e-commerce strategy.

Multimedia Productions
Supplement your website with multimedia created by Glistening Flicks, Glistening Web's multimedia division. We have produced gigabytes of multimedia for commercial and entertainment purposes. Our work is critically acclaimed and has been viewed by millions of Internet users.

The company creates audio-enhanced motion pictures, 3-D renderings, animated sequences, and combinations of all of the above. We have formal training in film production, which has allowed the company to become the optimal source for multimedia presentations. Our engineering, editing, and production staffs have been developing and refining multimedia features for internet consumption since 1994.

Training, Education, Support
GWCC has helped to develop successful business models for a wide variety of clients, whose success is in learning how to implement functional e-commerce business systems. We can help you make the most out of your Internet strategy through education and support. We will come to your site and can work one-on-one or with groups.

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