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We here at PNME 2 now have a project that we would like you to do for us. We need a song for a movie that we are making entitled "Fragile" or pronounced Fra-g-lay as if it were French.

Anyway the movie is 1 of 4 short films that basically have little to no plot leaving room for the viewer to make it's own and they are about robots (which obviously are cardboard boxes decorated with some common household items) that were delivered to earth by mistake and go around threatening the human race by chasing people and attacking them and projecting holograms of monsters which are obviously fake (also made of common household items) but in the movies there is little to no dialogue and each title is the name of a song like two we have already finished entitled "Return to Sender" and "With Love from Me to You" both named after songs, the first by Elvis and the other by the Beatles. Also the songs have something to do with mail, packages, or other postal references of some sort mainly because the monsters or villains are cardboard boxes.

Anyway the only thing we ask is that the song be entitled "Fragile" and that it is about anything dealing with cardboard boxes whether it be mail, moving, packing, etc. and the rest we will let you do including the style of music, lyrics, etc. We do not need this song anytime soon so take your time and only work on it if you have the time.

We have already started to make a video game based on you, your site, and your music and we will e-mail a demo to you when we have enough of it done to create one and we also have started some graphics for you web page which we will also get to you when we are finished with them. Anyway, if you could get that song done and e-mail it to us or post it on your site sometime maybe within the next couple of months we would appreciate it greatly but if you need more time go ahead and take, we will still appreciate it greatly just as long as it gets done and we will also gladly give you credit for the song in our movie and if you wish we'll send you a free cop y of it. If you could, please e-mail us back to tell us whether or not you will do this project for us and we hope that you will. Thanks!

dear crew,

got the message from you, thank you.

the best way to contact me is through that form... like you just did. emails to this address are thousands per day... and you'll likely get lost in the crowd.

already have some ideas for fragile... new ideas.

and, i've already published some pieces that might help

here are a couple that come to mind:

why alien robots would want to attack humans:
Hair of the Hairless Ape

concept album based on humans being fragile:
Fragility Test

the song THIS END UP from:
Guaranteed For Life

and i'm not sure why... but these videos keeps making me think of you guys for some reason:

Better Mouse Trap / Part 1 (.rm) and Part 2 (.rm)

More from the album:
Bats in the Belfry, and Termites... In The House

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