Sad And Blue

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Busted Caddilac @

[Flash Back I]

I got a brand new Caddilac.
And, you can take it... you can take it right back.


Cause I don't need no car keys, to get me where I'm goin'....

[Flash Back II]

Momma told me, not to hang around you no more.
She said if you come over, she'll throw you straight out the door.

She don't want to see you, don't wanna see your little face.
She told me to tell you, don't come to her place.

[Pain Break]

She found another.
She's found another.
And it's your brother, she's sleeping with.

Now please, don't get pissed, riled or miffed.
Cause she's no good.
No, no good.
She's no good!

No, she's no good.
She's no good.

Gotta let her go.
Ya gotta let her go.

Ohhhhh, sad and blue

...with another.
She's, sleeping with another.
And its' your brother.

[The Bright Side]

It could Ďa been worse,
It could Ďa been your mother....
(Mmmmmother.... hmmmmm?)


Sleepin' with your brother.
She's sleepin' with your brother.

Another, yes another
Yes another...
She's sleepin with.
Sad n' Blue

Sleepin' with another.
Sleepin' with another.

She's sleeping with your brother.
She's sleeping with another.

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