Open the Shade?

Open the Shade Part 1 MP3
Open the Shade Part 2 MP3


I'm always lookin'...
I'm always lookin'...
For some kind of a miracle.

There's always,
An easy way out.
You don't hafta kick your feet... and shout.

There's an easier way,
To get through the same old in each day.
All ya hafta do,
To let it through,
Is open the shade.

Open the shade?

Oooohhhhh... have to change.
No time to change
I'll sail away.

Go away...

It's a beautiful day,
No clouds are commin' our way.
The sun's gonna shine.
The sun's gonna shine.
Into your heart... and soul

each and every...?

There's got to be a better way.

The Labyrinth

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