You Can't Unseat the Beat

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It's dark down inside.
In everyone.
At the root.
At the heart of the matter it's all the same.

The beat.
The beat.
It time, time inside
Your the one, don't rush...
To the heart of the matter
Well, it's so insane.

No matter how hard, you might try.
You're not gonna find a way to hide.
Cause it's deep, deep inside.

There is no way to hide.
The beat of the drummer is the same.

It will remain.
When they bury you 6 feet deep.
There's no where to hide, 'cause it's deep inside.
You can't unseat the beat.

Can't unseat the beat.
No where to hide,
It's too far, it's too deep inside.
You can't....

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