Falling (MP3)

E / B / A


Been falling,
Falling in love with you,
Ever since,
You came into view,
Started falling,
At first sight,
Now, I'll never be upright,
'cause fallin' in love with you,
Is soooo easy to do,
It's a synch!

Keep falling,
Falling in love with you,
Ya know,
It's gotta continue,
Ya know the love will grow,
It has no bounds,
So, it sounds...
Like I could fall forever,
And, never hit,
Our love limit.

And, the beauty of a free fall,
Is it's exponential,
Every second,
I fall faster,
32 feet per second per second,
Never coming to an end,
I love letting love be master!

I'm sure glad I stumbled upon you,
Falling faster and faster,
I hope I tripped you up, too?

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