Hot For You

Hot For You (MP3)

No matter... how cold the night,
Let the wind blow,
With all its might,
Thinking of you,
Generates heat,
Enough to thaw Jack Frost's bite.

No matter... how far from bright,
No matter... how hard the fight,
It scales any height,
The mercury's rising this very moment...
Getting warmer, hotter, fiercer,
I'm on fire with desire.

I'm so hot for you.
Funny, what love can do,
I'm so hot for you,
Save my ashes when you're through!

Even if it's cold as ice,
Let the snow fall,
All in all,
Everything's nice,
Thinking of you,
I'll get through,
It generates heat,
And, quickens my beat.

Gaining speed as we speak,
Getting faster, hotter, fiercer,
I'm on fire with desire.


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