It's About Time

It's About Time (MP3)

C / C9 / F / C (sus 4)


There is no doubt,
The sprout,
Is coming out,
It's the springtime,
Of our love,
It's the love of,
Our time.

Our love...
It's about time,
The time we get to share,
While we're there,
Living life,
And, what our legacy,
Will be,
Easing others strife,
Trying to see,
Others are left,
To enjoy,
To leave a gift,
Not a debt,
To all who follow,
Through every tomorrow.

It's about time,
Our time,
We're in our prime,
I've taken a peek,
And, we don't ever...
Need to peak,
If we do this right,
There's a miracle in sight,
We can be kind...
And, leave some of our love behind.

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