Length (MP3)

Dm9 / Dm7 / Dm


The length of your leg,
Leads me to beg,
Please, come a little closer,
I whisper to her,
I'd go to any length,
Over your length.

Those long, long legs,
Are exxxxxg....
... exactly what I need,
So, I plead,
Let me within arms length,
Of your length?

I'd go to any length,
Over your length,
The way your thigh,
Connects to your hips,
The whole way as high...
As your lips.

It's been too long,
Since I've taken your length,
Or, measured how long,
Your depth,
Not to mention how strong,
Your breadth,
Please, come a little closer,
So that we can go further?

The length I'll trace,
From your toes,
To your face,
Who knows,
How far it goes?

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