Sweetheart (MP3)

Db / Gb7 / Ab7


With the sun shining through upon you
There's not much I can do
In the way of advice
Suffice to say... you're nice!

Blessed was the day you came my way
Blessed is the day when you get to stay
What more could a man ask for
Than to get to spend one's life with the one they adore?
What more could I ask for
Than to have you lend your life as my wife... what more?

You're worth more than a king's ransom
And, then some
You're worth more than a king's ransom
And, then sum
You're more precious than any possession
You're more profitable than any profession
You've given wealth to what is my self
All the while more delicious than any confection
You have truly a sweet heart
You are truly my sweetheart 

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