You Make Me Quiver (Grateful)

You Make Me Quiver (MP3)

I hope... that I can be forever grateful,
And, never take you for granted,
Nor my view get tainted...
For you truly are beautiful.
I am grateful.
So, grateful.


Yes, you make me quiver,
My spine shiver,
Goosebumps you deliver!
Emotions flowing like a river.

You make my heart pound,
Whenever you are around,
You make my heart race,
I hope the rest can keep pace.

You make me quiver,
You're the spark in my heart,
You make me quiver,
You're the reason why,
There's a twinkle in my eye.

You make me quiver,
And, my spine shiver,
Now, I am a true believer,
Hope you believe in Her.

You make me quiver.

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