At pet heaven we understand what it is to lose a much loved pet. All of our pets have also been our very best friends. And at times, our only friends. This is why we have created Pet Heaven on line.

Pet Heaven is a special place where we can put our much loved and missed pets ... keeping them in our hearts and minds.

In Pet Heaven, you can have a picture of your pet, which we will scan for you, and an epitaph which you can write yourself or ask us to write. Use as many words as you like. You may want to tell the world what made your pet so special to you or maybe just have a few private little words of prayer. It's up to you.

So go ahead and share your loss. We are all here for each other ... you are not alone.

There is no fee to participate. We will help build a tribute for free, however; it would be nice if you either:
a) donate money to an organization for living animals, like the SPCA, etc.
b) contribute money to help us keep pet heaven alive.

Which ever path you choose to Pet Heaven, please email for more information.

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