May Our Friends
Rest In Peace

I've known a lot of dogs...
and, Duke was the best dog I've ever met.
Hopefully, the good nature of his spirit will carry on.


Still alive in our hearts, Kodi, a wonderfull, beautifull, black labrador retriever, has passed away at a ripe old age of 12 year old. She was the heart of our family. Kodi joined our family when our oldest was 1, and saw 2 more babies join our family. She evened out the boys vs. the girls. Loyal, playful, and full of heart. Always there for us unconditionally. Always with a smile and a wag of the tail (that would inevitably knock something over, perhaps one of the kids). Never angry or mean. Patient and tolerant; always a good companion. She even gave high fives when watching football with Dad. Although rather big ,and sometimes clumsy, she was always the center of attention. For our 12 year old daughter, Kodi was someone she could confide in. Kodi could calm her, and lift her spirits when sad. An allstar dog deserving a reward. Although there was no plaque with her name on it, she was always happy for a pat on the head. Even if there are other great dogs in the future of this family, no dog will ever live up to Kodi's standards. She didn't rescue anyone from a lake, nor did she pull anyone out of a burning house. But to everyone here she will always be a heroine. We love you, Kodi Bear!

Mr. Chubbs

Thank you son for inspiring me to learn all that I can about animals.
It is because of your life & death that I am so committed to my studies & work.

To The Beyond...