Mother Nature's Sons
Found On Sound and MMXVI


The air is fair Let’s get out there Bring on some sun Before the day is done Couldn’t wish for it to get nicer than this Gonna pick up the guitar and play away The light is right Insight in sight Thankful we’re got We’re not have-not Couldn’t wish for it to get […]

A Miracle

The sun rises above the horizon In and of itself, not surprisin’ Nevertheless, a miracle in the sun risin’ To start the day in an amazing way To light the way for the music to play The energy to keep my heart beating Plenty of fresh air for the breathing Harmonies come to me […]

Hitchhiking To Heaven (or Bust)

Was given birth on an island The third one from the sun They call it Earth — my asylum Long may our days run As we travel round and round How do we know if we’re upside down As we spin round and round Starting from where we’re bound Came to Earth as an […]


Fall off the horse Drift off the course Sing the wrong verse Get back on Try it again Carry on Begin again Fall off the boat Boat that won’t float Play the wrong note Get it on Vibes arise Turn it on Win the prize With “our” There’s power Mother Nature’s natural remedy […]

Feedback Loop

It won’t be that long now ’til we see reality Hoping there is somehow We can adapt quickly Have you heard the scoop On the feedback loop Painstaking Accelerating Exasperating Eliminating A new day is dawning For some The End… others anew Light and darkness spawning Giving birth. Which are you? Chorus On the […]

One Guess

I’ll give you one guess As to who created the mess It wasn’t the birds It wasn’t the bees Wasn’t the monkeys Swinging from the trees I’ll give you one guess As to who created the mess Too late to warn The bees swarm Birds take flight Out of fright We’ve made […]

Born In The Wild

Born in the wild Be a shame to tame Naked to the world True story be told A true wild child With a destiny still free Naturally Born in the wild Nurtured by nature Raised by animals Void of rituals Chorus Born in the wild In nothin’ but skin If I had it to […]

Destination Unknown

As you arrive on the platform The train is already leaving If you’re off to take the world by storm Might want to start with some learning Listen to which way the wind blows I’ll flow with Her… surely, she knows Time and time again it never fails Your ship already sails When you’re […]

Chill Out (Global Warming)

Don’t know if it’s gonna snow Ask my brain if it’s rain Sunshine and rainbow Just when I thought I had nothing to fear Sure lookin’ like global warming is here Will we survive the scary ride There’s another record high tide Praying flood waters will subside Just when I thought I had nothing […]

Can Not Bear It

Can’t you see his life’s in jeopardy Can we bear to kill another bear Should be aware of the cross we’ll bear Bi-polar killing the polar bear Who’s more mighty… we or he Certainly our insanity All the mighty lossin’ dignity In their fight for me, me, me First is past but last can’t […]


Light as a balloon Floating like a feather Feel it will be soon Change of the weather/whether In the vision A decision On indecision (In unison) Aroma in the breeze Rose in the heather Comes to me with ease Change of the weather/whether Chorus Is it dusk or dawn Twilight in our theater The […]

Wizard Of The Blizzard

Looks like we’re staring straight into the storm Better raise the alarm Can you take me to the wizard That conjured up this blizzard … take away his royal robe … shaking up my snow-globe Looks like we’re staring straight into the storm Better raise the alarm So, I’d love to quiz the wizard […]

Retrograde Grade

Soon you’ll come to learn not to swoon Your position relative to the moon Undone Your position relative to the sun The reality of your relativity Graduate to the first grade When you’re past a retrograde Mercury Can you see When you’re past a retrograde theory Your perception undone Your perspective undone Your relationship […]

Into The Shine

Nothing like the light shinning in my window The sun’s ray finds its way I get to know my shadow It’s easy to see… follows me As I lead into the shine Everything works out fine Here all this time the trials of mine Were all just trivial Now I see the light I […]

The Edge

I went to the edge And, there looked over Quick to discover It wasn’t over Crossed my heart Made a pledge Won’t allege to start Driving the wedge Sledge whacks the wedge Wedge splits the grain What does it mean Have we all gone insane Splinters of strength are all that remain […]

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