stage diving photography
Daniel Brouse stage diving at the electric factory waiting for flogging molly... who was it playing? Beat Union?
3 hours ago  Rosalie Genuardi this is of the loved ones... beat union was before them.
3 hours ago  Daniel Brouse oh yeah. and, can you tell... does that guy got no shoes?
i was thinking the one fellow was security... but, maybe they were jumping on and off the stage together? a duet of stage divers?
2 hours ago  Rosalie Genuardi haha. nahh.. i remember this so well... yes lead singer has no shoes on, and the guy helping him up with the glasses on wasn't in the band, he was either security or a roadie. the singer was the only one who dived in. oh, and the other hand being held up next to the camera... that guy's got his hat ahaha.. great moment. so unexpected!
about an hour ago  Daniel Brouse did you take this picture or me? i dunno if any of your photos made it to:
19 minutes ago  Rosalie Genuardi i did. and actually, [clicking on the link] i took all the pics for beat union, the loved ones and flogging molly on that list. and also the two links u posted on ur status haha. 
2 minutes ago  Daniel Brouse well, we should give you credit. thanks... i don't think i could get as close as you. glad ya made it out alive... heehe