Radio 104.5 Free Concert at Penn's Landing

Some pictures (courtesy of Radio 104.5)

August 30, 2008
Philadelphia, PA

Radio station 104.5 let freedom ring with a free concert at Penn's Landing. All Or Nothing, Desoto Jones, Carolina Liar, Local H and Candlebox performed live on an outside stage for an ever expanding and envigorated audience.

All Or Nothing at Penn's Landing All Or Nothing
All or nothing started the show at 2:00. Though it was a bit humid, at least it didn't rain. The winner of 104.5's "Battle of the Garage Bands" billed themselves as The Girl Band. In fact, this four piece was made up of young females. They rocked through a set that included: Loss For Words, Wasting All Your Love, You Don't Want To, I Love Rock and Roll, Take It Off and Crazy.

Desoto Jones
Desoto Jones was the first band to do 104.5's "Local Studio Session." Formed in 2003 by the three Staszewski brothers, they live in Philadelphia and New Jersey. The crowd wouldn't let them get away with their short set list, so they added a few more on demand. The songs included: Speedbump, Don't Fail Me, Out Of The Blue, Sweet Sun, Working Class Daydream, Overflow, Giant Magnets, Cap Gun and The Effort. Three brothers in a band gives them a special "omph." Front man, Owen Staszewski, went so far as to pop a blood vessel or something... as he could be seen bleeding. Maybe he hit himself in the head with his microphone?

Carolina Liar Carolina Liar Picture Chad Wolf Picture
Though front man, Chad Wolf, is from South Carolina, the band is really from Sweden. Even though the crowd had not swelled to proper size, yet, those that had arrived were very into the performance. The band seemed to appreciate this and continually thanked the audience. Of course, the crowd jammed out to their hit, I'm Not Over. But, the lack of familiarity didn't stop the crowd from raving over every song. After their set, I met up with guitarist, Jim Almgren Gandara. Taken back by his perfect English, I said, "You're from Sweden? You don't sound Swedish." He responded, "Well, I am, Sir." Despite my rude American attitude, he was kind enough to oblige me with an autograph and a confirmation of their set list: California Bound, Something To Die For, I'm Not over, Show Me What I'm Looking For, Better Alone, Beautiful World and Last Night. After his signature, he drew a heart, smiley face and a star. I suppose that means he loves being a happy rock star, for that's what he appears to be <3 :) *.

Local H Scott Lucas Picture Joe Daniels Picture
Talk about a powerful power duo... it's hard to believe that much sound can come from only two humans. Scott Lucas sang lead vocals while playing guitar. He'd get all sorts of noises to come out of that thing and did a great job of mastering feedback. Joe Daniels played drums like a mother-f'n-riot. He was wearing a Cheap Trick shirt making me wonder if he'd been to the show across the river on Tuesday? They played about 15 songs in complete overdrive, including: High-fiving MF, 24 Hour Breakup Session, Cool Magnet, All Right, Oh Yeah, Everyone Alive, Jesus Christ! Did you see the SIZE of that sperm whale?, Michelle, Hands On The Bible, California Songs, and Bound For The Floor (Don't Get It).

Candlebox Pete Picture Pete Picture 2
By the time Candlebox came on, we were pretty fried. I mean we were really fried from the heat and the sun. Since we'd seen the two bands we'd come to see, Carolina Liar and Local H, we were tempted to leave. That would have been a big mistake. The Candlebox set gave us a new found appreciation for the band. Our front row position helped. Kevin was all over the stage, shaking and slapping hands. Pete was wailing on the guitar and tossing out picks. It was one of the more spirited sets we'd ever seen, heard or felt.

The band consisted of the original members:
* Kevin Martin - vocals, guitar
* Peter Klett - guitar
* Scott Mercado - drums
* Adam Kury - bass
* Sean Hennesey - rhythm guitar

The set list included:
How Does It Feel?
Don't You
Cover Me
Riders On The Storm
Mother's Dream
Miss You
Far Behind

Thank you 104.5 for a free-for-all freedom rockfest! Let these truths be self evident. You proved the saying, "You get what you pay for" to not always hold true.

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