My experience in FIRST has been nothing short of extraordinary. My parents went through a rough divorce—including the often-brought up question of which parent I loved more—and being at home was hard. FIRST robotics was my way to escape the horrors of my house. At first I just used the long hours at robotics, as an excuse to avoid being home. But, it didn’t take long for me to get sucked in.

As part of Team 341, Miss Daisy, I am happy to say that I am addicted to FIRST. After my freshman year on the team, I was co-captain of the Mechanical/Build Team. Now, in my junior year, I am the co-captain of the mechanical, build, design, and the strategy teams. Always one for modesty I have trouble saying how well I perform in the shop—however it is undoubtedly something that sets me apart from others. I made the shop my home, and my home the shop. I put my whole heart into it. Of all the things I do, to try to fill up my time, robotics is the one thing that I would choose over it all. My other clubs and activities are as follows: I am an officer in my Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club. Second, only to engineering, I find business highly enjoyable and easy to comprehend. It’s the reason I was elected as an officer after only being on the team for one year. Along with leadership qualities, I am a registered Boy Scout of America. I rejoined only a year ago with the aim of Eagle Scout. I have exceeded the expectations of those around me, and I am further along than my Scoutmaster believed I could be. Currently, I am a Life Scout — almost an Eagle Scout — and a Patrol leader of the older scouts.

I also enjoy being physically active. I’ve been on the swim team ever since I can remember. Unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I tore my ACL before ninth grade. This stopped me from playing sports freshman year. It did cause me to join the robotics team (which ended up taking over swim team, even after I was able to swim again.) Swim season and build season overlap, but I do manage to play water polo when it is not robotics season. This past year I made the varsity team as a goalie. Fortunately, fall water polo ends before robotics starts, and spring water polo starts after robotics ends.

I’m also an avid writer. Being in my schools writing club, AURA for two years, was fun. Unfortunately, when I took up scouts it was too much to juggle, so I needed to clear out some of my schedule. I keep up with my writing anyway, and am currently in the process of editing a novel written over the past two years. I believe all of my activities make me who I am, but none are as important as FIRST robotics.
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