Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a profession that generally requires four to five years of post secondary education. The median salary for all Mechanical Engineers in 2004 was $66,320 (as recorded by This career path entails using complex math and science concepts to solve physical problems.

There are many areas of mechanical engineering, and usually a mechanical engineer will specialize in one or two of these areas. Some subcategories of mechanical engineering include: working with airplane engines, energy transfers, and instrumentation.

This is a job that requires continual on-the-job training. To stay sharp and provide opportunities for advancement, it is imperative to further one's education. Most employers make additional training mandatory, though often they will pay the additional cost to help ease the burden.

There is a strong demand for mechanical engineers. The forecast is that the demand will grow at a healthy rate through the year 2014. As more technologies are developed, there will be a larger need for mechanical engineers.

One project that needs mechanical engineers is the N.A.S.A. Ares project. The Ares Project is attempting to create a new cost-effective rocket to reach the moon and ultimately create a platform to slingshot to Mars. Eventually, N.A.S.A hopes to use the Ares rockets to propel us out of the solar system.

There are numerous machines and parts that need to be developed, built, and maintained for the rocket to function safely and efficiently. Any one error could result in the deaths of the manned crew, as well a, any nearby spectators or crew. Each engineer develops specialized skills for designing a component to ensure that each part is of quality make (

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