Vital Stats

Vital Stats

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Vital Stats is a "Trashsoul" band from Philadelphia. The band members -- Jacques St. Claire, Del Paxton, U Thant, Gus Grissom, Cody Cox, Dingo Sanchez, Mr. Coiter, Chongo, Captain Stabbin' -- play real, live music with no backing tracks.

Vital Stats performed as part of the Radio 104.5 Summer Block Party on June 18, 2017 at Festival Pier on the Delaware River. Their set was a high-energy ruckus.

The band describe themselves as, '"collective works and performances of Jacques St. Claire and his affiliated team of soulshakin’ groovebots, known collectively as "Vital Stats" and individually as "Daddy". The group was founded in order to stimulate the peripheral nervous system via sodium-potassium ion exchange."'



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