Dark Star Orchestra at the Electric Factory

Dark Star Orchestra became famous by performing complete Grateful Dead shows (from among the nearly 2,500 shows that the Grateful Dead performed during their 30 year tenure as fathers of improvisational rock.)

At last evening's show, the played the two sets from a 1981 Dead concert.

"We're given a canvas with a boundary, whatever the stage set up is the framework and all of the painting that we do within that framework is unique to us", says rhythm guitarist/vocalist Rob Eaton. "So we offer the sound and the structure, but all the stroking and painting is all us. So it's fresh at the same time and also very historically correct."

The "Electric Factory" was resurrected circa in 1995 at the current site on 421 N. 7th Street between Willow and Spring Garden Streets. The building is an actual converted electric factory.

The standing-room-only capacity is approximately 2,500 to 3,000 people, including the second-floor area which overlooks the stage from stage left. Spectators in this area often have the bonus of being able to view a portion of the backstage.