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The W. S. Hancock Society is dedicated to educating the public about the
history and life of Major General Winfield Scott Hancock.

As part of our work, we provide interpretive and educational
outreach programs and historical consulting work for various private,
state and federal organizations throughout the United States,
as well as, serving as a support organization for those sites related to
the history and memory of Winfield Scott Hancock. This is accomplished
through a variety of media contacts, public living history demonstrations,
historical displays and fund raising efforts for the preservation and
restoration of these sites, structures and monuments.

In an ongoing attempt to remember his heroic deeds and honorable
dedication to the United States Constitution, we also conduct Memorial Day
services at his mausoleum in Montgomery Cemetery, Norristown, Pennsylvania
and at his headquarters' cannon located in Gettysburg National Military Park
every Remembrance Day.

As the W. S. Hancock Society, it is our pledge to pursue these endeavors accurately,
with the dignity and honor befitting this great American.


W.S. Hancock In the summer of 1994, Paul Koons and his daughter,
Karin Stocking, then Karin Jones, began the cleaning,
stabilization and restoration of the mausoleum of
Major General Winfield Scott Hancock and his daughter,
Ada Elizabeth, at Montgomery Cemetery
in Norristown, Pennsylvania. With the gracious help
of many private citizens, reenacting groups,
Civil War Rountables and one very dedicated
monument professional, Bill Wenz, the team
with the permission of the Historical Society of
Montgomery County (the owners of the mausoleum)
formed the Hancock Restoration and Maintenance
Committee, a sub-committee of the Historical Society.

The restoration included removing 2 inches of cement from the roof
which was cracked and allowing water to congregate underneath
(deteriorating the true mausoleum roof), removing a granite slab
which served as a permanent seal on the tomb front replacing it with an authentic
reproduction of the original iron ornamental gate which once graced the mausoleum
entrance. All the arch stones in the front and back were removed, recemented and
the exterior was power washed after all the stones were repointed.

On the interior, the resting place of the General and his daughter were determined
and bronze plaques were set to mark them. What a joy it was to finally see the
inside of the tomb and know that in the future we would be able to monitor the
health of the mausoleum just be viewing it!

An outside area beautification included surveying the Hancock plot, planting rows
of trees and bushes, erecting a flag pole and adding small gardens of flowers.

Today, the maintenance of the mausoleum is administered
by Paul Koons and Bruce Stocking all year long!


After the rededication of the Hancock mausoleum in October of 1995, we decided to turn our attentions to educating the public about this magnificent man. We still kept our name, The Hancock Restoration and Maintenance Committee when it came to working on the mausoleum, but when it came to dealing with the public, we evolved into The W. S. Hancock Society. As we continue to care for the tomb and perform Memorial Day services in May, we now also frequent various reenactments and celebrations spreading the noble story of Winfield Scott Hancock. We have developed a display entitled "Hancock: A Pictorial History" which accompanies us on our outings. Bruce Stocking, who joined our ranks during the restoration process,portrays General Hancock for us and speaks of his life at various civic groups, churches, scout groups, Civil War Rountables and historical societies.

W.S. Hancock
Horse Statue

Recently, we have formed a coalition of various Civil War related groups to work with us in the huge job surrounding the renovation of the Smith Memorial which stands in West Fairmount Park just outside the city of Philadelphia. This gigantic Civil War monument is dedicated to the Union generals who hailed from Pennsylvania. Of course, there is an equestrian statue of Major General Winfield Scott Hancock as he appeared leading the funeral procession of Ulysses Grant along with one of General George B. McClellan and two standing statues on pedestals of General George Gordon Meade and General John F. Reynolds. Other lesser generals have busts tucked away in little alcoves on the monument.

The city of Philadelphia's Arts and Culture Council tell us there is no money for this project so, in order to keep our fragile heritage alive, it is a job we feel compelled to do! Your donations for this work (which in total we are told will be about a half million dollars)would be greatly appreciated.

Another facet of our society is our deep commitment to the preservation of beautiful Montgomery Cemetery where General Hancock, along with four other Civil War generals, rest. This Victorian cemetery was once the premiere burial site in Montgomery County. Today, hard work by committed volunteers will be required to bring it back from the neglect and decay it has suffered over the years. The Historical Society of Montgomery County now holds the deed to this piece of Norristown History and are currently raising funds to finance the back breaking work associated with restoring and maintaining an American Treasure.



The History of W.S. Hancock

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If you are interested in becoming a member of The W. S. Hancock Society,
please send us your yearly $10.00 dues which will entitle you to our
quarterly newsletter and a membership card. You can send your
application to:

The W.S. Hancock Society
1939 West Marshall St. Norristown, PA 19403
Please make your check payable to The W. S. Hancock Society.
We also accept donations towards the restoration of the equestrian
statue or the mausoleum at the same address. Please mark on your
check where you would like your donation to go.

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