Astrology Chart Readings

Your Astrology Chart is the Blueprint of Your Soul
It is the plan for you to fulfill a divine purpose on this earth. It shows your strengths and weaknesses, the areas you should work on, the things you should be careful of, and how to be the best possible person that you can be while you are here on planet earth.

Everyone has a Destiny
A life purpose astrology reading gives you a chance to explore your horoscope to develop your best qualities. We will channel your spiritual guides/guardian angels so that your horoscope reading directs you to the most favorable reality. There is plenty of time for questions and answers. You discuss with your guides a way to fulfill your life's plan.

During this reading your will also receive an aura cleaning and chakra balancing. All of your negative energy will be removed from your chakras and aura by healing masters, who are beings from the astral that aide intuitive healers on this planet.

At the end of the reading your energy will be collected and transmuted, and new positive energy returned to you, replacing every area there was negativity. This process is something you can feel. You will feel different.

A by-product of this reading is that with clean chakras and a clean aura you will notice that your own communication with your guides is enhanced, and that you "get" your own information better, as the contact points where soul, mind, and body connect are clear. It's like having the plumber come and visit your cosmic plumbing system.

Each reading takes about an hour and is taped and mailed to you for $100. This life purpose astrology reading is perfect for a new baby, or as baby shower gift. Help your new friend get started by identifying potential strengths and weaknesses, and looking at life through the astrological filter of heavenly bodily motions.

With 30 years of experience, and a life to match, he brings enormous sensitivity and integrity to the field of life purpose astrology.

Astrocartography is the placement of your chart over the map of the world. See the geographic areas that would be best for love, money, career, spirituality. See the areas that would be a detriment to your spiritual progress, or to your prosperity possibilities. See the places for those magical empowering trips. Find the places that you were meant to visit. Cost - $100, aura cleaning and chakra balancing included, taped.

Composite Astrology
When you join with another in relationships or business partnerships, you create a new entity. Look at the astrological composite of you and your partner to see the areas of strengths and weaknesses, so you can be of the most benefit and create the most positive energy. Or perhaps find another partner... Taped, 1 hour, aura cleaning and chakra balancing included, $100.

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