Medical Intuitive Instruction
Trance Channel Readings

Learn How to Address and Heal Every Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Illness.

Using your own Intuitive Analysis - Learn to Read Auras, Charkra Balancing Work, Color Therapy, Using Crystal Grids and which Crystals to use for every Condition, Touch Therapy, Psychic Surgery, Body Scans, Visualization - "Seeing" the Result, and other Transformative Technology.

The focus is on specific and relevant illnesses. Emphasis is on the practical - how to do it, step by step, from your client’s first request and on.

Instruction is recommended for students and practitioners of all medical and all complementary therapies, such as Reiki, massage, and touch healing. Doctors and Nurses recommend using all your healing powers.

This will extend your work into higher dimensions

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