Psychic Readings by The Master Psychic Readings

What is a psychic reading?
The Master is a translator in a meeting that you have with your spiritual guides or guardian angels. Everyone has spiritual guides whose job it is to help you be the best possible person. They come in with you when you’re born and go out with you when you die. This is a chance to talk to them and have them guide you on your "path to perfect destiny."

Ask Your Spiritual Guides
You are asked to write a list of questions before the session. Since these are YOUR spiritual guides, your questions can cover many areas... career, relationships, cosmic mission, why are you alive on the planet. You can ask about past lifes... and find lives that can "empower you" using powers that have been developed before.

Breaking Blocks
Do you keep making the same mistakes over and over? Why do you make these mistakes when you don't have to? You can break and release blocks with simple and fast techniques.

We end each reading with questions that don't take a long time but have a lot of meaning. What kinds of foods are good for me? What kind of colors? What kind of minerals? Then you will be asked, "have we covered everything?" In that way you can look over your list and be completely satisfied that all of your questions all been answered.

Auras and Chakras
During your reading you will have your aura cleaned and your chakras cleaned and balanced. Here’s how it works: once we leave the world of physical reality, and get into the world of "mind-only," more things happen at the same time.

The aura is the place that recent energy gets trapped. If it's stuck in the aura for a while, it goes to the corresponding chakra, and can fill it up with negative energy.

The chakras are the place where soul, mind, and body connect. They can also store trapped negative energy. So if your chakras are full of negative energy, your own communication with your spiritual guides becomes clouded and unclear.

When your chakras are cleaned, you will find as a by-product of this reading, your own communication with your guides is enhanced. Your intuition is heightened. You can trust your judgement. It is like having the plumber come to your astral drains and clean them out...

Healing Masters
While he is translating your session, he works with "healing masters." These are "astral beings” that aide intuitive healers on this planet. They will go over to your body at the beginning of the reading and during the entire session they remove stored negative energies, and heal.

At the end of a reading, the negative energy that has been removed from your aura and chakras won’t be wasted. Understanding Einstein’s theory that "energy cannot be created or destroyed," the negative energy you have released will be changed into positive energy and returned to you. That's why people feel so good after these readings. Not only do you get the wonderful, personal, empowering information that your guides have to offer, but your energy is totally recreated for new beginnings. Weaknesses become strengths, and negatives become positives.

Path to Perfect Destiny
The after-effect of a reading is that you feel great and clear. And this continues as you work in harmony with your spiritual guides on your Path to Perfect Destiny. Path to Perfect Destiny is your best-case scenario, given what you have already been through.

Each reading takes about an hour and is taped. After the initial reading, you can get a little tune-up when you need information or help, with sessions of 15 minutes or 1/2 hour. Keep your energy clear and on the right track, and in harmony with your highest purpose - with a reading.

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