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Trance Channel Readings
He has accessed information for others for 50 years. He will channel your spirit-guides or guardian angels and translate their messages for you. You prepare a list of questions (such as: career, relationships, finances, past-lives-that-will-aid-you in your evolution, things you want to know). You will learn how to break patterns that you continue repeating. He will clean your aura and balance your chakras. The session is taped for your future reference.

Gemstone Therapy
He is a pioneer of crystal wisdom. He places crystals on your chakras (energy centers), and using a master crystal, conducts the energy to bring about a new sense of well-being. Your aura will be cleaned and your chakras will be balanced. You keep the crystals used in the grid so you can use them later. Taped.

Understanding Your Astrology
An astrology chart locates the placement of the planets at the time of your birth. This is considered to be the blueprint of your present life. It shows your potential strengths and weaknesses. You'll get your chart. If you have never had a chart done for you, this is a great place to start. If you know astrology, he is real. The session is taped.

Your Mind Will Keep You Healthy
Crystals, colors and visualizations are used to create an environment for maximizing wellness. A personalized, guided visualization is designed, so you can continue the work when you're home. The session is taped.

Your Past Lives Are Relevant Now
This channeled session will explore your past lives to understand why you're alive, and to enhance, enrich and empower everything you do. It will be taped.

Life Purpose Reading
Find out your soul's purpose and how to integrate this information into daily life to be the most effective. This reading is taped and includes an aura cleaning and chakra balancing.

Aura Cleaning And Chakra Balancing
The chakras are the centers where soul, mind, and body connect. The aura is the energy field that surrounds the body and is the first place that negative energy gets trapped. Negativities are removed and transmuted into a positive, usable force. You will feel great. Energized and Empowered!

A Psychic Experience is life-changing and empowering!

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