Undercurrents '95

by Geoff Wilbur

Three nights of showcases surrounded a two-day convention of panel discussions and trade show mingling in Cleveland in mid-May.

Those of you who read the article in the June 1995 Lansing edition were treated to in-depth coverage of hard rockers Love and War (Youngstown, OH) and Cherry Bomb (Akron, OH), strummers Burst of Silence (Baltimore), female-led, different-styled, hypnotic rockers Cogent Woe (Cleveland), and Kama Sutra (Niagara Falls, NY), college rockers Jayne Sachs (Dayton, OH) and the DT's (East Lansing, MI), slick alternative Red September (Detroit), country alternative pop/rock Sparks From the Wheel (Columbus, OH), and arena rockers Squib (Lakewood, OH) and Fatal Charm (Cleveland). Catch any of the above if you get the chance. But there were other hot shows, such as...

The Incurables (Detroit) delivered a surprisingly catchy version of melodic, alternative hard rock that would be equally at home at a frat party or on a radio station playlist.

Mark Christopher (Detroit) worked a quiz ("Who is your favorite Muppet?") into an engaging, eclectic set of odd coffeehouse folk. If you're planning a festival, you've gotta book this guy!

The Jehovah Waitresses (Cleveland) delivered a big-stage, arena-sized alternative rock show with the help of a fiddle player. It'll entertain non-alternative people, too.

Crimson Glow (Chicago) delivered a fun, loud, catchy, moshable Thursday night set. These guys HAVE played West Michigan recently. If this is your style, don't miss Crimson Glow's next appearance in the area.

Shag (Cincinnati) actually drew fans into a urine-stenched club with its brand of party music powered by a funk engine.

Who do I regret missing?

Calabash (Cleveland), whose set of straight-up hard rock was one of the highlights of Undercurrents '94, but I arrived in town too late in '95.

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