Double Rainbow, Doble Arcoiris

by Amy McClees

Blended acoustic harmony is what you'll hear when listening to Double Rainbow. I first discovered this duo at the Steelcase/Amway Music Showcase a few years ago and have been keeping tabs on them ever since.

Their bilingual tracks are a creative, cultural effort by both Maria Saenz, lead singer and lyricist, with her sibling Belinda Saenz, acoustic guitarist and principal writer of their songs.

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, their debut effort of 1993, recorded at Sound Structure, pairs English tunes, such as the catchy, hummable "Woman Enough," with their Spanish counterparts, like "Nunca Volvere." You can hear these tunes by request on WYCE.

"We believe that our diversity promotes us in some areas where other local talent may not fit quite as well. We cross political, social, and cultural lines," Maria explains during our phone interview. "We play private parties, fundraisers, political functions, all sorts of venues," Maria continues.

Double Rainbow will record in the studio again soon. If you'd like a copy of THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, contact Maria at (616) 451-6059.

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