"Summer Fun With 3LOW"

by Diane Anderson
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I came across this band last November at a bar I hang out at to check out local music. As I walked in I saw 3 young guys performing, so I sat down to listen for a while. The first song I heard was "No Life." The opening guitar riff caught be by surprise, then as the lead singer Chris Strand started to sign, I knew this was going to be a huge treat; I really lucked out tonight. The song is about life and all the bad things that can happen. They play it with so much emotion, all you can do is wonder how they know all this at such a young age (they're in their early twenties). As I started to get to know them and see them every time they play, I understood just how mature they are and how dedicated they are to their music.

This past winter they ran into a huge problem -- their van with all their equipment was stolen. They had a bunch of shows lined up and didn't want to cancel on such short notice, so they borrowed some equipment and played all their shows. I recently saw then at the Minnesota battle of the bands showcase and noticed all new equipment. I asked Chris how they got it all, and he told me he had to sell his car, BJ sold some mutual funds -- he had just to get equipment. It really shows how much they are willing to do to make it. Well, the battle of the bands went great; they didn't win, but they really impress a lot of people. They made some new fans that night. They did come up against a seasoned band with a large following, but they put on a good show.

Chris also told me that 3LOW was chosen to be a showcase band at the Independent Music Week in Nashville, TN in July. Indie Week is basically a huge convention where music industry people from all over get together to perform and to network. When I asked Chris about being chosen, he said "on one hand we are very nervous, but on the other hand, we are very excited about going, at that we were chosen." I believe this band will turn a lot of heads with the hard rock style, and the sound that they have created. Their CD Damaged Goods is one to have -- 12 powerful songs with such soul searching meaning. Check out their website for an MP3 bite at www.3LOW.com; it is worth your time. 3LOW has also been played on the local hard rock station program, "Load and Local," where local original bands' songs are played. If you're ever in Minnesota or are in Nashville in July, be sure to check out 3LOW. You will be in for a treat.

Contact Information: 3LOW, P.O. Box 484, Big Lake, MN 55309, c/o Chris Strand

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