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Local Scene Writers Needed

We're in need of some new local scene writers to fill this section. Cover the styles of music in which you have knowledge at clubs in your area and/or clubs you attend frequently.

If you're interested in covering your local music scene, contact the Renegade at (401) 849-3972 or geoff@geoffwilbur.com. As a "Local Scene" writer, you choose the clubs and the bands you cover. All you have to do is meet the writing deadlines. This is your opportunity to help expose your area's best bands to a broader public and to the music industry. No pay. Great perks. Call for details.

Band Guide 

Atlanta, GA 

Alastor:  Edgy, melodic and cool alt-rock from Atlanta in the tradition of PJ Harvey, Concrete Blonde and The Breeders.

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Music News 

Boston, MA 

As of early August, Godboy broke up.  Several members of the unique Boston area band are now exploring new musical styles.

Mike Previti was selected as one of the five Boston artists chosen as semi-finalists in the nationwide Big Deal $100,000 Music Search.

Cleveland, OH 

Three of Mike Farley's songs have been selected for use on ESPNís X-games show B3 (Bikes, Boards, and Blades). The songs are "Imagination", "No Easy Answers" and "Hold On."  On Sunday, October 1st, the Mike Farley Band played at Cleveland Browns Stadium for their official Tailgate Party. The band said it would not be performing its new song "Uncle Artie" about Art Modell skipping town but would promote the song to local radio stations prior to the game that week.

Dallas, TX 

Eden Automatic was selected to be semi-finalists in the Big Deal $100,000 Music Search. Also, the band's song "Need" from Glimmer will be on the American Nightmare movie soundtrack.

New York, NY 

As of early August, Ameliaís Dream announced it was officially being played on 81 radio stations around the United States.

Washington, DC 

On April 22, Dog Fashion Disco flew out to Los Angeles to appear on FarmClub.com TV (which runs after Monday Night Raw on the USA Network). The band was scheduled to perform with P.O.D., Methods of Mayhem (Tommy Leeís new band), and Stone Temple Pilots. Ozzy Osborne was scheduled to guest host.

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