"Slavicsky's Smorgasbord"

by Al Slavicsky
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Transport League Satanic Panic

Pavement Europe
In the vein of Fetish 69, Dismember, and Skinlab, Transport League delivers us a release that is death-like yet has an industrial metal overtone. Upon listening to the 11 tracks presented on the release, one must be impressed by the uniform style that the band creates in their music, and their lyrics are so intense while being mind bending and mind alternating. Tracks that stand out include "Tar," which is introduction about satanic panic, "Creep Provider," which sounds about like Incubus or Sevendust due the harmonies, and this track may appeal to the mainstream radio, and "Shut To Drown," with its distorted guitars mixed with wild drum/percussion/bass riffs which talks about gamma radiation to cure the transforming disformation of a person's mind and soul. Overall, Transport League proves that they are a band that is the new generation of metal.

Defleshed Fast Forward

Pavement Music
Defleshed returns with Fast Forward, which is a very strong release due to its high energy and brutal lyrics. This is pure death metal at its highest from. Vocals scream right into your mofo face and grind right into your cranium until you are force fed its message. Contains the 11 tunes which were previously released on the imported version including such soon-to-be-classics as "The Iron and the Maiden," "Domination of the Sub-Queen," and "Snowballing Blood." Defleshed cranks up the vocals with fast drums, distorted guitars, brutal bass, and demon-like vocal screams. But the band also decided to include two bonus live tracks here -- "Under The Blade" and "Thorns of a Black Rose." Defleshed will eat your flesh and make you want more.

Go Rin No Sho Inner Light

Troupe Records
Go Rin No Sho bring a fresh sound to rap that is both old schoolish and is refreshing as the new stuff on the market place. The ten tracks on this release vary in the delivery and styles. "Hands of God" is a song devoted to how God gets into your life and blesses you; "One + One" is about how the ghetto is a zoo; "Feel The Rhythm" has an old school drumbeat which in the vein of old Grandmaster Flash and the raps even make it sound old school; "Tales of The Crypt" has a morbid message about death; "The Flow" is a break beat number which rocks the OG school style and could've been made in 1988; "Friend or Foe" deals with gang violence on the streets; "Twilight Zone" is about the twilight zone of the mix in Brooklyn and mentions a lot of today's rap artists; "Rat-Tat-Tat" is about gun violence on the streets; "On And On" reminds us of a Slick Rick style of rap; and "The Game" is a mid-tempo jam about how street life is a combat zone and living is a game. Overall, Go Rin No Sho is some fresh sh-- and is dope.

Daddy Mack Blues Band Fix It When I Can

Inside Memphis/High Water Recording Company
Down home blues that brings blues in a new direction. All the members of the Daddy Mack Blues Band played at one time or another in the urban blues band from the 1970s, the Fieldstones. Raw blues that even B.B. King, Muddy Waters, or Albert King would be proud of. When you listen to the music, you realize that musically the Daddy Mack Blues Bands tries to make the listener appreciate what the blues is. Highlights include the blues jam "The Ghetto," the sharp playing on "Razor Blade," and the soon-to-be-classic "It's Almost Time To Leave (Stealing Your Love Tonight)." If you need a release to help you out with your case of blues, then this is your release.

Rhythm Trip Return of Da Dragon

Digital Dimension Entertainment
The new breed of rapcore has made a major impact of the music world via the success of Kid Rock, Everlast, Limp Bizket, and Korn... well, add Rhythm Trip to that list, for this band presents a sound which has not heard since the first wave of rapcore in 1988 with The Metal M.C.'s and the White Boyz. Return of Da Dragon has grooves that even Public Enemy would be proud of, especially on "Mznik (Machine Mix)" with its "Don't Believe The Hype" flow, "Goddess" reminds one of Living Colour, and "Boogie Da Bang Bang" which contains a transfusion of the Knight Rider theme could easily have been done by Anthrax or SOD. The dragon has returned, and Rhythm Trip is da bomb.

Sister Carol The Original Womb-Man

Tuff Gong International
Rasta with a female flair, Sister Carol has the sound which most non-reggae people may be familiar with on Vitamin C's hit "Smile." But Sister Carol is authentic Kingston groove via 16 pure rasta ragamuffin tunes. After a careful listening, Sister Carol is very spiritual and moving. Major standout tracks include "Opportunities," "Herbal Is Natural," and "I-Sis Apella." In overview, if you need a good fixing of rasta-funk/reggae, then give Sister Carol a good listening to.

Brainstorm The Technology of Art

Rock Dog Records
Progressive rock and roll similar to ELP or Brian Eno yet more spacelike in nature similar to Phillip Glass, Brainstorm appeals to your senses by flowing ambient soundscapes into your speaker. This CD is divided into three acts with 15 titled segments. There seems to be a storyline on how technology is an art form that is lost in the mixture of sound. Brainstorm creates one of the rare modern day electronic progression masterpieces that flows into space and earth. If you are searching for an original creation of progressive electronic music, please give Brainstorm a listening to.

Corey Cokes Coreyography

Varunee Recording Group
Corey Cokes has produced a spoken word CD which is one of the best spoken word CDs of today's modern era. Most of the material is devoted to the street culture and the harsh reality of life. Corey Cokes is a genius, for it appeals to the hip-hop culture, the street life, and life in general. If you like some of spoken words on De La Soul releases, this release is a killer release. So if you need to listen to some spoken words and street poetry, then Corey Cokes would make you think of a beatnik poet of the 1960s yet is more harsh. Corey Cokes is one of the best spoken artists in the world.

Reel Big Fish Everything Sucks

Mojo Records
Finally the rare first record of Reel Big Fish so fans of the band don't have to pay close to $400 for an original or buy a CD-R of the release from $50... now everyone can afford to hear the music that made this band famous. Contains all the original tracks from the original including "Fo' Head," "Beer," "Snoop Dog, Baby," "Skatantic," and "**** Yourself," which the band still plays live. But the band decided to include two bonus tracks -- the "lost recordings" of "Superhero #5" and "I'm Her Man" -- along with a cool interactive selection that has tons of info about the band and includes the video to "Everything Sucks." Reel Big Fish has come a long way since these recordings, but this release is a plus to any collection of ska and punk.

Drippin' Honey Drip Drip

Beatville Records/Me and My Records
Out of Holland comes Drippin' Honey who, in the vein of the 1980s version of the Honeydrippers, have created a memorable CD with an uptempo R&B influenced blues one might hear at a Harley outing. Rarely comes a new blues outfit that molds traditional styles of blues with modern production skills. Most of the songs are uptempo and make you want to drink a Heinie. One must be impressed with their covers of Muddy Waters' "Cross Eyed Cat" and Willie Dixon's "Sit Down Baby" plus the band's original gems "Blood Moon" has a punk-a-blues flair and would never be heard on the radio due to its raunchy lyrics; plus the untitled bonus track has a spaced blued style and actually sounds like a Dave Matthews-meets-Santana piece. A keeper.

Dokken Erase The Slate

CMC International
Longtime metal fans from the 1980s are aware of this great metal band which now is Don Dokken on lead vocals, Jeff Pilson on bass/vocals/acoustic guitars/piano/mellotron/keyboards, Mick Brown on drums/percussion/vocals, and Reb Beach (Winger), who appeared recently on the Teenage Girls debut CD, on guitars. Musically, Dokken has grown into a great band, and this release still has a 1980s feel to it. The 11 tracks are great sounding musically. The keys to the release are "Change The World," which has an awesome acoustic guitar sound in the middle of it, and the cover of the Three Dog Night classic "One." Some people may say that Dokken is dead, but to this reviewer Dokken rocks. Great release for the true metal fan in us all.

The Amazing Crowns Royal

Time Bomb Recordings
The Amazing Crowns are back with some of the best greasabilly ever recorded. Contains strong elements that would make the pioneers of rock proud, especially Johnny Brunette, Billy Haley and The Comets, and Buddy Holly. Hailing from the royal land of Providence, RI, The Amazing Crowns are still loyal to the royal with these 14 tracks which the band have performed during the past year live in their set, and fans of The Amazing Crowns will be impressed with the CD. Highlights include "Mr. Fix-It" with its strong background harmonies, "Perfect Sin" with its great stand up bass work, "Losing Streak" about being out of your luck, "Halos & Horns" with its high paced bass work, and "Greasy" which is the album's best track, for it gets down to the spirit of the band and proves that rockabilly is still alive. Get royal in a royal land with one of the most royal bands that are still loyal to royal -- The Amazing Crowns, who prove that "Flipping Coins" can be a ballad. Awesome and royal.

Monsieur Leroc Le Slow Motion Boogie Woogie

Cornerstone RAS/Skunk.com
>From Paris comes the latest sound to invade the Skunk/Cornerstone R.A.S. family. 10 tracks of experimental dub infested jazz mixed with a splash of hip-hop. Monsieur Leroc brings a sound which is trippy like Philip Glass yet has a vibe of the techno hip-hop sound at points. Easily one of the best records ever made to the world. With titles such as "I Think I." "Une Boogie Pour Faye," "Jazzz," and "Full Custom Sack Pt. 1," one can see the wrapped sound of the master at work. So if you are interested in the future of music,  this performer is da bomb. Simply one of the best releases to come out this year. Two thumbs up.

Canned Heat The Boogie House Tapes

Ruf Records
Finally some of the lost and rare tapes from the early years of Canned Heat have resurfaced to the public. This collection has 29 tracks culled from various masters and acetates from 1967 to 1976. This is probably the most intense collection ever assembled from Canned Heat from that era and may be the last compilation of material from that time period. Take a listen to "These boots are made for... (studio joke)" and you can see the humor which the band had in the studio. Also included is a version of "On Road Again" which is a rare version from the old Playboy After Dark TV show from 1969. Also check out the "Reefer Blues" which is included here from the "Kickapoo Creek Festival" which proves that the band was a little controversial yet did a great blues rocker. It is great to hear some of these performances from a band which made its name at Woodstock and is one of the best blues rock bands ever. Very worth checking out this great release for it is pure Canned Heat... so hot and cool.

Earth Crisis Sither

Victory Records
What can be said about the mighty Earth Crisis that has not been said before... but on Sither the band polishes up their sound to create a brutal release of hardcore. Too extreme to control, Earth Crisis delivers what is their best album to date. If you like chunky, hard driven hardcore with a major lethal dose of metal, then pick up Sither, for it has 14 tracks that would make you want to get into the pit and slam. Lyrically, this band makes you think, and they are back to their roots in the Victory camp after leaving for a few releases. Check out "Nemesis" or "Killing Brain Cells"... you know that Earth Crisis means business. Could be in the running for the best hardcore release of the year.

NSync "It's Gonna Be Me" CD single

Jive Records
Another great song from the 7-time platinum album No Strings Attached which proves that this boy band is still great. This song is a gem, for it has that catchy vibe that makes you want to sing along with the release. "It's Gonna Be Me" has a great harmony and excellent back beats which make you want to get up and dance yet is a very romantic plea to the one you love. One senses that this song is destined to be remixed for the clubs due to the instrumentation. Overall, this is another chart topper for NSync... a #1 hit.

(hed) Planet Earth Music From Broke

Jive Records
The band formerly known as (hed)PE have seem to change there name for the Y2K era to (hed) Planet Earth. After years of  hard work and the success of last year's Ozz Fest, the band has a new sound which demonstrates that they are going to be a major force to reckon with. On this sampler from the band's upcoming album Broke, the band transforms their sound to new groove vibe hip-hop metalcore, which is mellow yet forceful. "Killing Time" has a Korn-ish a la 24-7 Spyz vibe to it and rocks with a catchy chorus over angsty, hateful guitars. "Bartender" is def, for it has a sort of Sly and the Family Stone's "Celebrate" chorus mixed with a sort of metallic Korn's "Children of Korn" guitar work... and it's an instant classic in the vein of old Red Hot Chili Peppers combined with Incubus. "I Got You" could be the first single, for it has that poppy rock radio sound that is currently in fashion... great song and I got you. The last track on this sampler is "Waiting To Die," a techno like hardcore rap song which would make Soulfly or System of a Down rocks, and there's a great reference to NWA's "F*ck The Police" in the song. Overall, (hed) Planet Earth totally rocks planet earth.

Glassjaw Promo 495 cassette single

Roadrunner Records
Contains two tracks highlighting the deranged raw power of this band. Glassjaw delivers an upper right hook and a knockout punch. The two tunes included here are "Pretty Lush" and "When One Eight Becomes Two Zeros." Vocals on both are very melodic yet have a harsh scream here and there. Guitar work is sort of Blink 182-ish mixed with a dose of power metal. Overall these two songs demonstrate a band that really wants to obtain mainstream listeners and may find an audience with punk, metal, and rock fans alike. Glassjaw will be ready to break your jaw, for they are that good.

Taproot Songs from the Upcoming Album

Atlantic Records
Taproot are hot on this years Ozz Fest 2000 tour, and this cassette highlights two tunes from their album Gift. "Smile" has sort of a Sevendust fused with Floydish yet Toolish yet death metal-like sound and is sure to be a pit standard. Meanwhile, "Mentobe" starts out technoish then transforms into a rapcore tune. Taproot's sound is great and should please the metalhead in all of us. Simply put, Taproot's gift to the world is to make metal a force to be reckoned with, and they are.

Mudvayne L.D. 50

Epic/No Name Recordings
>From the press photos of this band, one should be scared and if you are scared then do not buy this release for it would make your warped mind wander into a deep, depressed state of mind. Mudvayne plays heavy, harder than a diamond metal with a splash of funk-groove and death in the mix. For almost 70 minutes, the band jams out with violent harsh sounds that will make the hair stand up on your arm. Tracks that will shock you are "Severed," "Dig," "Mutanis Mutandis," and "Pharmaecopia." In fact, all 17 tracks make an impression on you which melts your warped head into a crazy slime of a jellylike substance. If you like Slipknot, then give these masters of shock some visual delight, for Mudvayne will be the band which will make you rock til you get shock. F'n great release to spit out at your neighbors.

Boiler Room Sampler

Roadrunner Records
Containing two songs from their Roadrunner debut Can't Breathe, this sampler is very impressive, for it has "Do It Again" which sounds a little like Sevendust but has a sound mix that Rage would be proud of. Very impressive, especially with the scratch work on the guitar. The other tune "Superficial" has a different vibe all together, for it is heavy yet mellow. The chug-a-chug guitar lick makes the song groove. Boiler Room is going to make its mark in the metal marketplace, so watch out for the band.

Verbow "New History" CD single

550 Music/Epic Records
Verbow's "New History" is a song which has that catchy pop vibe yet is soothing due to the odd instrumentation with a cello in it. This CD has a remix of the song which is slightly more danceable and the original but misses out a little. If you must purchase this song... please buy the album, for it has the album version and that is all you really need. One must suggest that the band find some techno producer to remix the tune, for it could easily be transformed into a dance tune. Overall, a weak single from a good band.

Shutdown Few and Far Between

Victory Records
Brooklyn style hardcore from this band whom grown a lot since their last release on Victory, Against All Odds. Shutdown is Mark Scondotto on vocals, Steve DellaCroce on guitar, Dion DeNardo on bass, and Jimmy McCormack on drums. Shutdown plays impressive hardcore that  has signature breakdowns and chunky chug-a-lug guitars that make each song stand apart from the next song. If you want to hear a band that is not afraid to make a mark on the world and make you think of unity, standing up for your morals and rights, and living a life which you can be proud of and deserve, Shutdown will help you focus on those ideas and make you grow to be a better person. Contains 12 aggressive tunes that rock, especially the title tune with guest vocalist Freddy Cricien of  Madball, and the tunes  "Homestretch" and "Afraid To Fall" which features Mark's brothers, Mike (of Inhuman) and Jon. If you need more bang for your buck... pick up this release, for it rocks.

Grey Area Fanbelt Algebra

Victory Records
All right, finally a band which is true to its punk roots. Remember when punk was cool and fresh and poppy? Well, Grey Area does the old school punk in a new school way. Sort of like a Blink 182, but Grey Area is the original punk for the 2000s. "Sour Grapes" is destined to a song which the crowd is going to make a sing-along. "So Much More" has equal strength. In fact... all 12 tunes are awesome. If you need to hear some real pop punk... get off your lazy sod and run to your record store and pick up Grey Area.

CJSS Kings of the World

Pavement Music
CJSS is David T. Chastain on lead guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals, Russell Jenkins on lead and backing vocals, Mike Simmerhorm on bass, and Lee Sharp on drums and percussion. It has been years since a good power metal album has been released, and this album by CJSS is the album that will make technical metal come back in the spotlight again. CJSS, to those who have been in the metal scene, has been around since the late 1980s and never officially broken up, but the members drifted to do their own things in the 1990s. But CJSS is back to the sound that they are famous for, and on Kings of the World they prove that the flair has never gone away. If you like Queensryche, Dream Theater, or old 1980s metal, you should check out this release, for CJSS does some awesome riffs and power chords. Standout tracks are "The Executioner's Song," the Chastain instrumental "The End of the Rainbow," and the band cover of the classic Ian Anderson tune "Locomotive Breath." CJSS is rocks 'til you drop.

Deep Pieces of Nothing

Pavement Music
A strong release from this brutal metal band. Vocals have a harsh feeling, sort of death-like, while the music is intense, violent backlashing of speed guitars, sonic drums, and extreme bass. 10 tracks that would rip you apart and shed some skin. Deep delivers a dark meaning of the world yet is a refreshing approach due to the technical elements fused in it. Recommended must-listen tracks are "Point" and "Hear Their Own." Deep proves that deep dark metal rocks.

NOTE: Due to space constraints, the following reviews were not included in the print edition of Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter.  These reviews are only available here in the online edition.

Jars of Clay "Unforgetful You" CD-5

Silvertone Records
The band best known for "Flood" comes back with a strong song, which is from their album If I Left The Zoo and appears on the Drive Me Crazy motion picture soundtrack. The song is presented here in two versions... one starts out with a cold start and the other starts out with a party effect. The song is uptempo and very danceable and very spiritual and has that modern rock vibe. One must admire the distorted keyboards in the mix with the harmonies. Jars of Clay prove that they are much more than a one hit wonder and continue to make progress as they grow. Overall a great song.

NSync "Bye Bye Bye"

Jive Records
Most people have already heard this single by this smash teen heartthrob band, but for those who may have been tuned off by this band for their pop appeal, check them out again. First of all, the music actually has a deep funk groove fused with a harmonious beat. Second, the song is about breaking up with your girlfriend; hence "Bye Bye Bye." Third, the use of the strings overture mixed with the keyboards and bass makes the song appeal to a huge audience. At first, one might not admit that they actually own an NSync CD, but if the rest of their new album No Strings Attached is like this, NSync has proven that they are a band with a great future ahead of them.

Mortiis Crypt Of The Wicked

Earache Records
Listening to the morbid sounds of Mortiis, one must be impressed by the layers of neo-classical influenced keyboards mixed with Gothic like overtones. Also, Mortiis created a chilling vibe throughout this compact disc. Progression diversity is present from the music, which is molding in ancient northern European folklore vibe. Sounds like something which one may have heard during the Viking wars if keyboards were present. Also the titles are in ancient Swedish or Finnish or old Germanic tongues and have a folklore story -- "Vandreen's Sang (The Song of The Wander)," "Fanget, I Krysta: (Captured In Crystal)," "Stienerfedt (Starborn)," and "Trollmanneust Krypt (The Crypt of The Wizard)." Creating 10 tracks of atmospheric doom, Mortiis proves to the world that he is mastermind of music. So if you want to listen to some of the best atmospheric doom is the world, check out this release.

The Step Kings "Vibe"/"Imbalance"

Roadrunner Records
This band really proves how hard work plays off. Hailing from New Jersey, The Step Kings played all over the east coast of the Untied States at any show they could get their hands on. Well, after years on the road, The Step Kings finally got signed to the monster independent label Roadrunner Records and are planning to release their debut album in the spring of 2000. This cassette single serves as a preview of what the new release is going to sound like, and if the rest of the CD is like this...world look out. The Step Kings combine hardcore and metal on these two songs, with "Vibe" being the more agressive of the two due to its hard rocking guitar riffs and intense drumming, while "Imbalance" grooves and rocks with the soon-to-be-classic Step Kings ching-a-chug beat.

Sloppy Meateaters Shameless Self-Promotion

Orange Peel Records, P.O. Box 15207, Fremont, CA 94530
Sloppy Meateaters play pop-punk and do some of the best. One can really relate to this band, for this three-piece delivers material that is way better than some of the material which major bands put out on major labels. If you like chugga guitars, hard bass, and understandable vocals, then Sloppy Meateaters are your band. Southern Cali punk which blows Green Day and Blink-182 away... check out the humorous "I Sing Like A Girl" and "A Dumb Guy in a Stupid Band" and you can see what the band is about. Wonder if "Shonka Tonk" is an attack against Blink-182, for it has a riff like "All The Small Things"... mmm.  12 tracks plus a special bonus unlisted track 13 which is a cover of The Queers "Love." Sloppy Meateaters is the band which is going to make kids release that punk is not dead. Buy... buy... buy.

File Underwater flu'id

Baby Factory, 1217 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60622
File Underwater presents a great release of neo-industrial music that delivers some great production work. When I was listening to this release, the mood of the music delivered a sober mood yet delivers some mixed emotions... somewhat like The Smiths' Morrissey meeting Trent Reznor to create a morbid sound. File Underwater is guitarist known just as Leisel and Don Bodin. File Underwater demonstrates that music can be redefined into a hyperselection of elemental diversion that moods into a chemical imbalance that affects your cranium to soak up a transcendentalist transfusion. Psychedelic illusions are within the music; File Underwater are the best band in the world that makes neo-industrial music. If you like bands like Skinny Puppy, Godless, NIN, and Prick, then File Underwater is your cup of tea. Garret Hammond of Prick even provides all the drum tracks on the release... he can be the unannounced third member of the band.  If you listen to the whole CD in one sitting, you would have to listen to it again and again. But if you just want to hear what the band is all about listen to "Malifcent's Dream," "Strip," and "Acropolis." Don Bodin produced a classic which must be add to your collection of electronic music, for flu'id is a classic step in the world of production.

Shawn Amos Harlem

Unbreakable Records
They call this music "pure hillbilly soul," but those words do not describe the true passion which Shawn Amos delivers in these tunes. Most of the tunes are southern based in content, especially "Vicksburg," "Southern Man" (the Neil Young classic which has new meaning when Shawn Amos decided to add a sample of  Johnny Lee Moore & 12 Mississippi Penitentiary Convicts), "Eighteen Hammers" and "Blackface." If you are searching for today's modern day blues man with a deep root of folk and country... Shawn Amos is the man which Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Muddy Waters should be proud of. Shawn Amos is the future of storytelling music for the masses and should have a wide mainstream appeal because it has heart to it.

Rev. Neil Down American Friend

Burnbarrel Records, P.O. Box 121, Skagwaym, AK 99840
Add Rev. Neil Down along the side of the other reverends of rock-a-billy Rev. Billy C. Wirtz and Rev. Horton Heat. This release is blues based rock-a-billy which Rev. Neil Down gets to the roots of Americana music that brightens the love of the transitional music in a scene of making icons in musical paradise. Rev. Neil Down gets great aid with his rock-a-billy with the legendary Jerry Scheff whom credits included sessions with Elvis Presley, the other Elvis (Costello), Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and Roy Orbison to name a few. On American Friend, soon to be modern day standards are included including "Keystone Lake," "Bet You Really Get Around," and "The Trench" will make this release locked in your player for a long time. For those modern rebel whom like the Amazing Crowns... "The Trench" would come to your liking. The best release to come from the Great White North in year. Rev. Neil Down knows his music and hopes the world would like it too.

The Larry Baeder Group featuring Charlie Torres & Haracio Hernandez Maximo Strut

New Moon Blues, P.O. Box 3214, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-3214
The Larry Baeder Group takes an interesting approach to the blues by fusing it with funk, latino, and soul music similiar to what Canned Heat was trying to do in the late 1960s. One must also be impressed that 13 of the 14 tracks were written by the group. The only number that was not written by the band was the Earl Miller composition "Don't Drink Muddy Water."  The "Dobro Interlude" which flows into the haunting almost Allman Brothers sounding blues number "Tell All the World, John" creates a great contrast. The 10:33 epic "Don't Mess With Fate" proves that the band can do an extended slow blues jam. The somewhat Santanna sounding "New York - Havana Blues" is very appealing to the listener. But the two "Funk Interludes" #1 and #2 proves that this band can groove with the best. Overall this release is a new foundation of the blues.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication

Warner Bros. Records
John Frusicante is back in the band, and Californication is the strongest release from the Red Hot Chili Peppers in years. The material which Anthony Kiedas, Flea, Chad Smith, and John have created reminds one of the Blood, Sugar, Sex, and Magik era of the band while being more refreshing modern. "Scar Tissue" has that sort of "Under The Bridge" feeling due to its groove. "Around The World" contains a groove that fans of Geogre Clinton would love. "Right On Time" has that sort of The Kinks "Wish I Could Fly Like Superman" bass line fused with Tom Tom Club beat. "Road Trippin" is about how hard life on the road can be. The Red Hot Chili Peppers continue to grow a strong fan base since 1983 when they were playing the Los Angeles bar scene til today's big arena tours, proving that this band is still ahead of its time. Woodstock '94 and Woodstock '99 are now in the history books, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers were there and are still the rocking the world.

Galactic Late For The Future

Capricorn Records
The groove rocking band who played on the H.O.R.D.E. tour in the past shines brightly on this CD, combining elements of jazz, blues, and rock to create a sound which has not been heard in years... sort of a funky Miles Davis jaming with Carlos Santana while Flea plays the bass and members of the Dead sit in. Galactic really impressives the listener, especially if you listen to this release on headphones to achieve its whole effect. The 13 songs demonstrate that this band is groove masters, especially on "Baker's Dozen" and "Hit The Wall." Overall, the continous groove makes you want to dance or completely chill out. Galactic proves that vocals are secondary to the wall of sound presented, for out of the 13, only 4 tunes have vocals. "Century Boy" pays homage to Frank Zappa, for it has a Zappa sound; "Running Man" has a sort of B.B. King blues vibe in the vocals; "Villified" combines almost Bootsy Collins or Geogre Clinton vocal arrangement; and "Thrill" almost sounds like vintage Ohio Players. Galactic is a band which is destined to for a galactic following. Awesome.

Secret Hate Pop Cult Vomit

Cornerstone R.A.S.
Secret Hate been around since the early 1980s when they released their infamous release Vegetables Dancing (a.k.a. the Green Album) for Mike Wait's New Alliance Records. Secret Hate was a legendary punk band in the southern California punk scence along side with the Meat Puppets, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, and the Minutemen. Most of those bands made punk rock history while Secret Hate slowly dissolved into punk rock folklore. However, in 1996, an unknown band from Long Beach decided to pay homage to the band by doing a cover of the Secret Hate song "Ballad of Johnny Butt" for their self-titled MCA release.  A lot of Sublime bands began to search for material from Secret Hate. Members of the band decided to reform and plan the 1998 Skunk Records Mex Fest in Mexico... Skunk Records is the label that Sublime formed to release their music to the masses. Skunk Records re-released Vegetable Dancing along with spilt 7" with Das Klown in early 1999 and, in Cornerstone R.A.S. release, a 7" titled "Radio Kills" in late 1999. Now Pop Cult Vomit has been released as the band's first full-length containing 14 tracks devoted to how screwed up the pop culture is.  "Radio Kills" attacks the commercialism of the radio, "To Speak of Love" is devoted to the religious vomit in the world, "Love Enough 4/2" has that a groove that reminds
one of the new wave song and is devoted to an orgy, "Buckwheat o' Liberty" sounds like the Dead Kennedys, and "Holy (Duck) Diver" reminds one of  a surf number on a bad acid trip. Overall the production of this release is awesome and Rick Rubin. Geogre Martin, or Phil Spector proud. Secret Hate is the band of the 2000s, and pleasecheck out the controversal cover which  might just get this band banned from some record stores.

So Plush Sampler

Epic/Darkchild Records
So Plush has a sound similiar to Destiny's Child and En Vogue on this six track sampler from their forthcoming debut album one can see where the band is going. The first track is the 20 second intro which is basically a disc jockey transforming the jam that follows into "It Ain't My Fault," which is the sampler's only complete tune. The next three joints are snippets of  "Things I Heard Before," "The Fact Is You Lied," and "He Loves Me," which are all segued together as if  done by a disc jockey. The final track is the outro, which closes the sampler. Overall, So Plush is very impressive, and this release should have marketed the band into the next level of hot girl groups.

Daycare Swindlers Testosterosa

Vile Beat Records
Chuga-chuga punk rock with fast beats mixed with a dash of ska... could this be Op Ivy reborn for the thrid time? No, it is the Daycare Swindlers. On Testosterosa, the band greatly improves via better production and mix but still while having the raw energy which the band is noted for. 19 tunes that would make you want to mosh and pogo while you listen to it. Highlights include the ska infested "Spy vs. Spy," the reggae like beats of "She Devil Stomp," and the homage to America's most noted modern day porno star "Jenna Jameson" and her movies. If "Jenna Jameson" does not make the Howard Stern Show... nothing will. Daycare Swindlers prove that punk is not dead, and this release is the one of the best releases since The Clash's Black Market Clash.  Buy it or die.

Malevolent Creation Manifestation

Pavement Music
Sheer brutality is what best describes Malevolent Creation, for this band plays aggressive death metal with heavy instrumentation. If you need a release to pump you up, then this is it. Lyrically, Malevolent Creation focuses on the darker side of  life with songs such as "Impaled Existence," "Manic Demise," and "Fine Art of Murder" showing the bleekness of today's dismal world. Actually, this band tries to make you think that your life is much better due to all the turmoil in it. Check out "Alliance or War" and "Mass Graves" to see what is going on. Malevolent Creation: simply put, it is death music at its finest.

Johnnie Taylor "I Love You Lady" CD Single

Malaco Records
Romantic song devoted to loving your lady, and Johnnie Taylor makes the listener envision loving your special lady in my ways. Actually, this song really affects the soul of the lover in all of us. One must love the way they combine vintage keyboards in the mix to create an almost Staxx Records style of recording from the 1960s. This song will make you want to say "I Love You Lady" to your lady.

Tonya "Gotta C U 2 Nite" CD single

J-Town Records, 3023 W. Northside Drive,  Jackson, MS 39213
Could Tonya be the next Toni Braxton? One must think so. On her debut single "Gotta C U 2 Nite," Tonya creates a smooth, romantic tune about making love to your special person and relaxing with them. Vocal reminds one of Toni Braxton, but the song is devoted to an extra-martial affair, yet it is very romantic, for it is about one's love with a special person whom you love, and you know that it is wrong yet you want to be with someone whom you can't really have but you meet anyway. This single is hot and deserves to have a couple listens-to due to all the layers in the tune, especially the Zapp like vocals in hidden in the background. Tonya will go on to greater things, for she is that gift. Please check this out and be one of the first.

King Floyd "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off " CD single

Malaco Records
R&B legend King Floyd is back with a great tune which has harmonies and a meledy that is relaxing to listen to. King Floyd tells it like it is, for you must call off a relationship to make yourself clear. Love is just too short for playing with one's heart. Special guest vocals by Zuri, who really can hit the high notes, make the single all the more memorable. King Floyd proves that he is only getting better with age, and he really knows how to create a love song. A great song to hear what this master is up to... a must for any R&B admirer.

Bobby Rush "Hoochie Man (Radio Mix)" CD single

Waldoxy Records
This is Bobby Rush's statement against all the hoochie mamas where he became a hoochie man. Bobby is having fun on the town picking up young ladies and partying all night 24/7. This is sort of the pimping-ain't-easy style that grooves. Typical bluesman having fun with a hundred dollar bill while partying down the strip on Friday night. So all you pimp daddys get on the "Hoochie Man" trail and learn how to party. Great release that cooks... a classic gem.
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