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IRS Records

None of these songs will make it commercially. Definitely an "underground" band at this time. Remember the early albums of R.E.M. such as CHRONIC TOWN, MURMUR, and RECKONING? I hear the same type of music and style with Drywall. Buy this!

- Tom DeMann

The Whisky Priests


Whippet Records

This is a very good collection of folk-oriented material. Several of these songs could be huge country hits if they were promoted in that format. Having several of the musicians alternating between accordion, mandolin, guitar, etc. gives the material a very good, fresh outlook. - The Wild Card

Mac Charles


FT Records

Not a bad offering from this Portland, Oregon musician. Sounds a bit like Christian contemporary rock, though. It's very sugary, and not very original. The title track is the only song on the tape, so I hope for his sake the CD is more exciting. Charles definitely shows that he has talent, but his promise to be anything huge remains to be shown.

- Steve DeVries

Woody Lee


Atlantic Records

Woody Lee's debut album is completely enjoyable. He brings his own personal style to the music he sings. According to Woody, perseverance and hard work are the only things that got him where he is today. If his first cut, "I Can Do That," is any indication, he is well on his way to achieving his goals. "King of Pain," Lee's duet with Tracy Lawrence, is one of my favorites. Singing is not Woody's only talent, as shown in his co-written "Prove My Love." I look forward to many more albums from this talented musician.

- Lynn Hopkins

Wookin Pa Nub


Nub Records

These Norman, Oklahoma, medium-heavy, sometimes almost slick but mostly raw, mainstream alternative rockers should fill their share of college bars and wouldn't be out of place at a fraternity blowout. Softer tracks are mixed with raucous rockers. In Lansing, they'd play Rick's.

- Geoff Wilbur

Jes Gru


Vicarious Records

The second release from this Rochester, Michigan four-piece shows remarkable growth and maturity from their first, MUMBO JUMBO. Known for its energetic live shows, that vigor has finally been captured in the studio. Guitarist Jeff Davis brings a much harder edge to the band's overall sound and vocalist Tom Bieniewicz pumps out mounds of intensity. From the rocking "Token Change" to heartfelt pop song "Pictures," this CD is a great representation of the band's musical talent.

- Chas Edwards

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