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Win One of 5 Powerface CDs!

GEOFF WILBUR'S RENEGADE NEWSLETTER is giving away 5 copies of local Lansing band Powerface's CD, WHERE FROM?, released on Yikes! Records. Winners will be selected by random drawing from all entries received via U.S. Mail by the RENEGADE by October 15, 1995. Entrants must send name, address, phone number, and age (optional) to

2843 E. Grand River Ave.
Suite 200
E. Lansing, MI 48823

This contest is limited to one entry per drawing per person. Winners of the Undercurrents '95 CD were: Kristin Donaldson, Mike Eldridge, Carrie Elliott, Jason Pline, and Mike Chlasciak. Winners of the Uglystick CD were: Mike Eldridge, Mike Chlasciak, Jason Pline, David Manning, and Carrie Elliott.

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