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The Lansing edition of the RENEGADE NEWSLETTER has a circulation of 1,050: 750 in the Lansing market, and 250 by mail to people within the music industry, and 50 by mail to musicians.

Publisher/Editor: Geoff Wilbur; Staff Writers: Geoff Wilbur, Joe Szilvagyi, The Wild Card, Rick Gebhard, Shane Copher, Nancy Liles, Scott Myers, Allison Fine, Michael Fuller, Chas Edwards, Lynn Hopkins, Tom DeMann, Naomi deSilva, Cheryl Bowles, Amy McClees, Steve DeVries, Tam-mie Dennings, Marko May, Valerie D'Amico, Devene Darovich, Josh Newman, Dominic Cochran; Contributors: Scott Sigler, Rob Offerman; Photographers: Randy Cardona, Joe Szilvagyi.

Ad Sales


Jim Cottenham

Geoff Wilbur (eves.) (517) 332-7648

Grand Rapids:

Amy McClees (616) 774-2097

John Taratuta (616) 774-2483

Rick Gebhard (616) 786-3909


Naomi deSilva (212) 592-0914

Geoff Wilbur (eves.) (517) 332-7648

The Lansing edition is published quarterly.

Subscriptions to the RENEGADE are available for one (1) dollar per issue (US$1.50 in Canada/Mexico; US$2 overseas) from

2843 East Grand River Ave.
Suite 200
East Lansing, MI 48823

Please indicate Lansing edition. Checks should be payable to Geoff Wilbur.

Bands interested in demo reviews may submit two (2) copies of a demo tape and band information (including a contact name, address, and phone number) for consideration. Submissions should be sent to GEOFF WILBUR'S RENEGADE NEWSLETTER, 2843 East Grand River Ave., Suite 200, East Lansing, MI 48823. All submissions become the property of GEOFF WILBUR'S RENEGADE NEWSLETTER and will not be returned.

Volume 3, Issue 1L

Lansing edition.

Copyright 1995 Geoff Wilbur Publishing

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